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Dr. Vicent SembatyaDr. Vincent Ssembatya
Director, Quality Assurance Directorate

Makerere University (Mak) has a long-standing commitment to quality. But baseline studies which were carried out in 2005 by the committee set up to come up with a Quality Assurance Policy revealed the limitations of the quality control methods at Makerere University. In many cases the emphasis up to that time, had been mainly on controlling inputs, with comparatively little attention given to the processes and outputs. At institutional level, there was little capacity to monitor educational performance in a systematic manner.
In the Makerere University’s Strategic Plan 2008/9-2018/19; the University has articulated it’s vision of being a “leading institution of academic excellence and innovation in Africa”; Quality Assurance (QA) is one of three crosscutting themes of the Strategic Plan. Through its Quality Assurance Policy (May 2007), the University is committed to promoting internal and external confidence in the academic services provision. The Quality Assurance Directorate established in May 2007 was henceforth tasked to develop and implement quality assurance mechanisms in all university functions. This was to build on to the already elaborate efforts that had, till that time, been directed at undergraduate teaching and learning; largely controlling inputs with little emphasis on processes and outputs.
The University has undergone major reforms directed towards making its processes in Finance, Administration, Research, Teaching and Learning more effective and more efficient. The Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) financed these reforms. This transformation was realized through the methodology of Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) in which 150 processes were identified, mapped, critically examined and reengineered to a new desired end. The new processes are documented in the University Organizational Manual and the Research Manual. The reorganization of the University into a collegiate structure was a culmination the BPR processes to ensure that a requisite organizational framework is put in place to leverage the new processes.
Makerere University Quality Assurance Directorate 2014